Soft-Close Sliding Drawers

soft closing drawer slides

A new design feature for all types of drawer application are the soft-close glides (also referred to as self-close glides). This innovative hardware has the added feature of a smooth dampened closing movement. This feature stops drawers from slamming, and gently pulls drawers closed the last few inches. This pulling motion is where the term “soft-close” comes from. The damper is normally positioned in the mechanism at the rear of the glide and controls the closing action. This mechanism also acts as a hold-in, stopping the slide from bouncing open.

Soft-close drawer glides come in side-mount or under-mount styles. Under-mount glides look elegant, concealing any visible hardware. Also, under-mount glides allow drawers to be slightly wider and come with the option of a partial or full extension.

Benefits of soft-close glides prevent cabinet drawers from slamming, preserves the life of the drawer, protects the finish on the cabinetry and they are a desired feature for home buyers, adding to the value of your Deck House home.

If you have any questions about new design features or inquires about an upcoming renovation, please contact us!

Buchanan Custom Builders’ First Home

More than 20 years ago, Buchanan Custom Builders built our first Deck House home as a new company.  This completely custom Deck House in Harvard, MA showcases a three level turret as it’s most distinguishing feature.  See below for recent pictures of this piece of BCB history:







A Must When Installing Solar Panels

We’ve written before on installing solar panels on a Deck House roof.  We recently had the opportunity to visit a customer’s home that had solar panels installed with lag bolts through the insulation into the decking.  Underneath all of these mounts, the roof components had rotted away.  Without adequate support, the insulation compressed under the pressure of the lag bolt, compromising the weatherproofing of the shingles above.  Here is the result:



If you’re considering going solar on your Deck House home, give us a call at (978)365-5110 to discuss what’s required from a structural standpoint for a Deck House roof.