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Consulting services


Buying a home can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Buying a Deck House home can be equally confusing. Deck House homes are unique in both the materials and methods used in their construction. They are so unique, that the many home inspections fail to identify specific Deck House problem areas that can be costly to repair. Identifying the true condition of a home is paramount in properly negotiating a sale price. Failing to find structural or energy deficiencies can cost a new homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.

Identifying the deficiencies is only half of the battle. Obtaining an informed estimate for the cost to remedy the problem is what will give the prospective buyer the true leverage they need to negotiate the sale price.

Buchanan Custom Builders offers consulting services to prospective home buyers. Owner, Steve Buchanan will do an informal walk-through of the Deck House home with the potential buyer. Leveraging his 30+ years of experience with Deck House homes, Steve will offer as much insight and information as possible regarding the Deck House components and the rough costs associated with replacing or repairing these components such as the roof, deck, windows, beams, etc. This consultation does not constitute a home inspection. We do recommend an official home inspection by a licensed home inspector, as they can address the mechanical, environmental and other non-structural issues associated with the Deck House home.

Over the years, Steve has worked on many of the Deck House homes in the greater Boston area. There is a definite possibility that he can offer insights on the history of your potential home. Additionally, in the past, Steve has steered potential buyers away from problem homes, as well as given the negotiating power to others to drive the sale price down substantially.

Another great asset to having a consultation with Buchanan Custom Builders, is having an informed estimate for future projects. Want to turn the screen porch into a full season room? Want to put on an addition? Want to update the kitchen and bathrooms? Want to do anything to your Deck House home in the future? Get all the facts from Steve so you know what the potential costs can be. Deck House homes are unique and require unique materials and methods to maintain and upgrade.

What’s more, the consulting fee is applicable to any future work contracted to Buchanan Custom Builders, LLC.

Contact us today at Steve@BuchananCustomBuilders.com, or call our office at (978)365-5110 to schedule your consultation.  For more information on the services we offer, please see www.buchanancustombuilders.com



Deck House Roof Dissected

Depending on the age of your Deck House, the exact components may vary… but the above photo illustrates the basic layout of a modern Deck House roof.  These specialty materials and the construction methods used to install them are what sets a Deck House home apart from a conventional roof.
In the event that your Deck House roof has begun to leak, it is important to remedy the situation as soon as possible.  When we discuss “rot”, we’re talking about the 3×6 laminated decking… the very bottom layer of the roof system.  Remediating this issue requires an understanding of the layers above and also how the laminated decking attaches to both the roof beams and the other rows of decking.  
If you’d like to discuss your Deck House roof, contact us at (978) 365-5110 or Steve@BuchananCustomBuilders.com