A Must When Installing Solar Panels

We’ve written before on installing solar panels on a Deck House roof.  We recently had the opportunity to visit a customer’s home that had solar panels installed with lag bolts through the insulation into the decking.  Underneath all of these mounts, the roof components had rotted away.  Without adequate support, the insulation compressed under the pressure of the lag bolt, compromising the weatherproofing of the shingles above.  Here is the result:



If you’re considering going solar on your Deck House home, give us a call at (978)365-5110 to discuss what’s required from a structural standpoint for a Deck House roof.


4 thoughts on “A Must When Installing Solar Panels

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. Deck House roofs require solid blocking from the decking to the plywood. Most solar companies recommend installing on a roof no older than 10 years. If the roof is younger than 10 years the mounting points need to be located, shingles need to be removed around the area, plywood and insulation cut and removed and solid blocking needs to be installed from decking to the height of the insulation. If the roof is older than 10 years it should be stripped completely and solid blocking installed. We also recommend ice and water over the entire roof face when re-roofing. Hope this helps!


      • Thank you very much for replying. I imagine that this last winter was a real challenge for roofs in your area. Could you share the names and contact information of some of your Deck House customers who have used this process to get solar installed. We would like to get their first hand experience as to how this worked for them.


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